• After having finished a commercial school in Innsbruck in 1995, I had the idea of learning a trade. As I already had some experience in the shop of my uncle during the summer holidays, I was able to have a clear image of the profession of a shoemaker and decided to learn this trade. After the founder and my great grandfather Josef Auer, my grandfather Hermann Auer and my uncle Herbert Auer, I would be the 4th generation of shoemakers.

    Encouraged by this idea, I started my apprenticeship as a shoemaker at my uncle’s company “Auer”. Herbert Auer conceded me a lot of liberty and therefore I was able to attend advanced training courses and events in Austria and even abroad. While working for Herbert Auer, I had the opportunity to attend advanced training courses and events in Austria and even abroad. Sometimes we went together, at other times I served as his substitute. Through many expert talks with colleagues of my profession I was able to intensify and complete my competencies and my love of this trade.

    In 1997 I won a competition of shoemakers, who were apprentices from all over the Tyrol. In autumn 1997 I passed my final exam as an orthopedic shoemaker with distinction. Apart from custom-made shoes I got more and more interested in the the field of ski boots: adaptation, modification, custom-made inlay shoes, straps and custom-made footbeds. The construction of a hand-made foam inlay shoe, which I have made hundreds of times in always improved variations and detailed solutions in really laborious handcraft.

    On October 1, 1999, I passed the examination for the master craftsman’s certificate with distinction. For the exam I made a pair of measure shoes out of black calfskin, Derby cut, in frame sewed design, the inner joint pulled up and hobnailed in wood. The whole strip waste was burnt out by hand. In the year 2000 there followed the first organized meeting of Austrian measure shoemakers. This meeting now takes place twice a year and provides the opportunity to learn a lot about the profession and meet new friends. Apart from measure shoes which are spread all over the world (Austria, England, Germany, Japan, etc.), thousands of ski boots have been adapted, changed, machined or foamed for clients with partly very difficult foot forms so far. Moreover, I have had the chance to get to know and to work with many top-ranked athletes from all over the world, especially from the alpine range.

    Since April 1, 2011, I have been able to provide knowledge from 15 years of experience in this business to all of my clients in the SchuhLabor Marc Achmüller.


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  • Marc Achmüller // shoemaker
  • Sabine Achmüller // accounting, sales