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  • Skiboots

    As a highly qualified shop we only offer high quality skiboots.

  • SkiTour

    Here it is again valid:
    We provide only the best quality so that you can concentrate on the essence of your ski tour.

  • Measure Shoes

    As a certificated shoemaker it is very important for me to construct the perfect measure shoe..

  • Function Inlays

    In any sport an inlay can fit the foot statically better into the shoe – therefore a movement can be executed more effectively. The risk of injuries is reduced and one’s performance will be better. Clearly, with the wrong inlay, the opposite is true. We use the worldwide only system, where the foot is really palpated by more than 500 measuring pins on each side. So we have a real three-dimensional measuring of the foot. After the conditioning and programming the sole is milled from an EVA block with various hardnesses corresponding to the use. Note: the computer only does the measuring; the rest is experience and a wide range of knowledge. All these inlays are saved in our library and can be reproduced at any time.

  • Sport Shoes

    Die Sportschuhe in unserem Sortiment (Sport…) müssen sehr hohe Qulitätskriterien erfüllen, damit sie unseren Ansprüchen gerecht und von uns geführt werden. To be offered, the sports shoes in our assortment (sports, trail running, etc.), have to satisfy high quality criteria.

  • Hiking Shoes

    We have a big assortment of hiking shoes. You will find the right shoe for your requirements – from simple hiking to trekking.

  • Functional Shoes


  • Accessories

    Trekking Poles
    Sport/Leisure/Functional Socks
    Care Products
    Thermos Jug/Drinking Bottles

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